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OMS Packaging Solutions

OMS (Singapore) is the regional office for OMS (Italy) in Asia.

We specialize in sales of packaging tools (steel & plastic strapping), semi/fully automatic packaging machines and turnkey packaging line projects which are fully backed up with the sales and engineering support from our Singapore facility. Our extensive network in Asia also enables us to provide our products and services within the vicinity of our customers.

OMS was originally established in 1949 with Maurizio Rossi & Luigi Cristina as the founders of the company, OMS Italy started off with producing equipment & accessories for kilns. Today, with integrated in-house R&D, technical expertise and manufacturing versatility, OMS offers a complete range of packaging machine and systems worldwide.

Product Lines

  • Steel strapping fully/semi-automatic strapping machine
  • Plastic strapping fully/semi-automatic strapping machine
  • Fully/semi-automatic shrink and hooding machine
  • Fully/semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine
  • Automatic and integrated packaging line
  • Complete range of steel and plastic hand tool
  • Complete range of steel strapping
  • Complete range of plastic strapping
  • Cord strap

Best Selling Products 


A333 Steel Strapping Tool    A431 Steel Strapping Tool   P328

    A333                          A431                              P328


MOD08 Vertical Strapping Machine       MOD078 Vertical Strapping Machine       AV630 Wrapping Machine

       MOD08                    MOD078                        AV630

New Products

P380 Pneumatic sealless plastic strapping tool